Formula 1 unveil six sprint race venues for marathon 2024 season

Formula 1 unveil six sprint race venues for marathon 2024 season

The six sprint races have been announced for the 2024 season with China and Miami the new additions for the coming season.

There were half a dozen sprints last season in Azerbaijan, Austria, Belgium, Qatar, the United States (in Austin) and Brazil.

But the shortened format races in Baku and Spa have been replaced by Shanghai and Miami.

Quite how the format of the sprint races, which have had split reactions from drivers, will map out is still under discussion.

Among its critics, three-time world champion Max Verstappen said: “We should just get rid of the sprint weekend and then everyone can just set up their cars normally.”

Sprint qualifying is likely to return to Friday with the sprint race and qualifying for the full race on Saturday before the main grand prix on Sunday.

Other discussions include the radical possibility of reversing part of the grid for the sprint but that requires full agreement from the teams in the ongoing discussions.

There had been talk of potentially expanding the number of sprint races but Formula 1 bosses look set to stick with six for the foreseeable future.

Next season, is sent to be a monstrous 24 grand prix weekends, two up from this season.