Formula 1 2022 - Race Sundays - Race #22 Abu Dabi - Post Race Recap - Danke Seb!

Welcome to our F1 Post race show covering Race results and discussion. Today we find ourselves at the Final race of the season in Abu Dabi. Oohh the humanity to wake up so early. The F2 race was definitely way more interesting mainly to see whether Logan Sargaent would qualify for his Super License. Spoiler, he does! Congrats! While first place was sealed, it was definitely interesting to see the fight for second, and it was a close one. The official race finish was: 1) Max Verstappen 2) Charles Leclerc 3) Sergio "Checo" Perez 4) Carlos "Smooth Operator" Sainz 5) George Russell 6) Lando Norris 7) Estaban Ocon 8) Lance Stroll 9) Daniel Ricciardo 10) Sebastian Vettel Really think Red Bull should consider some sort of "help you team" incentive for Verstappen. I got some packs as well, so we will be breaking some Topps Turbo Attax, 2021 Topps Flagship and I have 1 pack of 2020 Topps Chrome. As always, we look to add to the commentary while we break the cards and discuss the race. This commentary is purely for fun, we hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it. We would love to hear your input about what you thought about the race. Did you enjoy it? What are your thoughts on 2023? In any cases, see you in March 2023!