Former Texan banker turned 'Dragonlady' estranged from son after transformation (VIDEO)

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 2 ― A former Texan banker was left by their son after transforming themselves into a human dragon.

Richard Hernandez, 61, known online as Dragon Lady Medusa shared with the New York Post the cost of their journey to becoming the world’s first ‘genderless dragon’, reported The New York Post based on Hernandez's interview with YouTuber, Anthony Padilla.

Medusa, who now uses they/them pronouns, was once a successful financier until their late 40s but decided to leave banking to pursue a longtime passion: piercings and tattoos.

“I already had 79 piercings and most of them were hidden,” Medusa said.

“The ones that weren’t I could take out every day and put them back in, which is what I used to do.”

The Texan spent the next decade fulfilling his ‘dragon’ transformation, getting horn implants worth RM300,000, splitting their tongue, and even slicing their nose and ear off among other procedures.

However, they grew distant from their son who abandoned them at 16 years old because he couldn’t understand Medusa’s drastic makeover.

“The relationship or the connection with my son has changed,” the tattooed Texan admitted.

“My son hasn’t been in my life for seven years, I’m hoping that he is at least watching me on the internet because the reason I’m out there in such a big way is for him.”

Meanwhile, Medusa is currently an entertainer and an occasional model who encourages those working in the corporate world to pursue their most authentic selves.