Former Singaporean chef opens noodle stall in school canteen with cheap prices so students can afford them

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Malay Mail
Malay Mail

PETALING JAYA, June 10 — A former Singaporean chef who lost his job due to Covid-19 has opened a noodle stall in a school canteen with delicious meals and affordable prices.

Cyrus Phang, who used to work as a sous-chef at hotels, brought his culinary skills by preparing dishes such as curry chicken noodle, shredded chicken hor fun to Deyi’s secondary school’s canteen.

Operating the stall since January 2021, the one principle he holds on to is that “no student should go hungry” as prices of food are priced at S$2.00 or SS$2.20 (RM6.40 to RM7), according to Mothership Sg.

He told the portal that for students, who are unable to pay back the food prices in time due to financial constraints, they can do so another time.

“For some students who run out of money, I tell them, never mind, you just pay me another time — and they always do.

“We are all part of the school community, and it’s only right that we look out for one another.” It is also reported that he had brainstormed the menu with his family members while keeping in mind the Health Promotion Board’s guidelines and leveraging on his culinary experience of 13 years.

Phang often changes his menu depending on the days to add variety to the food and enjoys seeing his students coming back to his stall.

“The most enjoyable part of running a stall is when I see the same faces coming back to purchase my food,” he said.

Phang’s kind deeds were also shared by Singapore’s education minister Chan Chun Sing and has been praised by many online.

The post has been liked by over 2,000 people with many being impressed by Phang’s cooking experience and bringing delicious meals to school students.

Chan wrote in his Instagram post that the noodle stall owner had come up with the innovative idea of letting students place their orders on Phang's Instagram to maintain safe distancing.

“Needless to say, it was a huge hit with the students,” he wrote on his Facebook.

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