Former GTA lead says his new project is his "most ambitious" game yet


A former GTA lead says Everywhere might his most ambitious game to date.

Edge magazine recently spoke to Everywhere lead developer Leslie Benzies about his new game. Considering Benzies has been making games professionally for 26 years now, you might think he's seen and done it all, but he says Everywhere is "probably the most ambitious project that I've ever worked on."

"We've been lucky enough to have been making great games for a long time," Benzies adds, speaking of the rest of the team at developer Build A Rocket Boy. For Benzies though, he's been at the forefront of GTA's modern years, spanning from GTA 3 to GTA 5 in key development roles.

Benzies also headed up the likes of LA Noire and Red Dead Redemption in leading roles. With an absolutely stacked body of work behind him at Rockstar Games, famous the world over for their ambition, Benzies isn't downplaying Everywhere's scope and scale when compared to his past works.

Back in March, Build A Rocket Boy told us that Everywhere wasn't a blockchain game, despite persistent speculation to the contrary. Benzies, for his part, also told us at the same time that the developer had turned down incorporating much-maligned NFTs into Everywhere, simply because the game didn't need them.

Later that same month, Build A Rocket Boy showcased MindsEye, an action-adventure game that takes place inside Everywhere. The new game is designed to host player-driven creations, and this one in particular looks pretty damn impressive, and probably what a lot of people out there would want GTA 6 to look like when it eventually releases.

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