Former Eurovision winner: 'Please stand with Ukraine'

STORY: She asked those watching to reinforce Ukrainians in telling the truth about "the ruthless Russian tyranny".

“Please don't leave us in this struggle alone. Please help save the people who are now under the blockade in Mariupol, in Azovstal, those who are being held hostage,” Jamala said.

“Do not keep silent. Speak to the government, take to the streets, please stand with Ukraine."

Jamala told Reuters she dedicated her prize, the 'Distinguished Artistic Leadership Award' from the Atlantic Council think-tank, "to all brave Ukrainians" facing Moscow's invasion.

Ukraine’s Eurovision 2022 representatives Kalush Orchestra are considered favorites to win the grand final of the contest on Saturday (May 14).

Russia, which says it is conducting a "special military operation" in Ukraine, has been excluded from the contest this year, the organizer said in February, after Ukraine and several other European public broadcasters had called for Russia to be expelled.