Former ATV actor Idea Ng becomes a bus driver

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28 Jul – Former actor Idea Ng (Ng Wai Lok), who was once known as "ATV's Nicholas Tse", is now working as a bus driver for Hong Kong's transport company KMB.

As reported on Mingpao, the former actor known for shows like "The Devilish Angel", shared a photo of his KMB staff card on social media recently and revealed in an interview that was conducted soon after that he went freelance when the company shut down in 2016, but was unable to secure a stable income.

However, everything changed when he saw an advertisement for a bus driver when he took the bus home one day, and found that the salary offered was similar to his basic salary in ATV. Thus he decided to apply for the job and became an official driver after completing his training.

"After news about my career change, I received a lot of support from people on my social media. I was really flattered by the warm reception, unlike all the negative reviews I received when I was still an artiste," he said.

Idea stated that his biggest support is his wife of five years, and that he is happy to finally have a legitimate job and become a role model for his children.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)

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