Forklift drivers could soon work from an office

Forklift driving could become an office job

with remote-controlled machinery revolutionizing warehouse work


"What we're doing when we talk about fully remotely-operated forklifts is Zoom for the physical world. So for the first time, warehouse workers who haven't had that same privilege will now similarly be able to work from a remote location. Maybe it's closer to their home, maybe it's actually their home in a future state. But the point is that we're democratizing that idea of remote work."

Steering wheels, joysticks, and wheels are used to manoeuvre

A red laser on the forklift assists with depth perception

"To show the robustness of our technology, we've had customers that have driven, you know, the forklifts 5,000 miles away. Someone remotely operating in California with the forklifts located in warehouses in France. We've had customers remotely operating in Asia a forklift located here in California, so thousands of miles away."