Forgiven but not forgotten: Best friends no more for Umie Aida and Erra Fazira

Joe Lee
Best friends no longer: Umie (right) said her friendship with Erra is over. — Instagram/errafazira

PETALING JAYA, June 20 — Singer and actress Erra Fazira said she just wants to move on and be positive about life after the end of her public squabble with best friend, Datin Seri Umie Aida.

“I’ve moved on and don’t want to speak of this again. The past lesson has been good for me,” she said at a Mingguan Wanita press conference when asked of their relationship.

Umie had called out a fake friend who chose money over sincerity and friendship on Instagram, and while she did not name names, Erra later apologised to Umie publicly, confirming suspicions of a fallout between the both of them.

Saying she did not want to prolong the issue, Erra said what transpired was enough.

“I apologise because you will not get the answers you seek today. I do not want to prolong this issue, and will only look back to this incident as a black episode in my life.”

The duo were said to have met several days ago, after which Erra openly apologised to Umie after they had met up in Umie’s home.

Umie had uploaded a short video of their meeting on Instagram where both were seen hugging it out.

While all may appear well, it seems their friendship is a thing of the past now.

“I have forgiven her but I can’t be friends with her anymore, sorry,” was Umie’s short reply to fans who asked about their friendship as reported by Rotikaya.

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