Forget skinny jeans, bootcuts and flares, this century-old style is making a comeback...

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Léna Situations wears Levi's 501 '90s jeans.

Good news! Many of you probably already have in your closets the jeans that look set to be THE style of the summer, since this womenswear wardrobe staple also happens to be a hundred-year-old model. Make no mistake, the legendary Levi's 501 jeans are proving more popular than ever, and the launch of a new "90's" version, recently unveiled by the brand, is certainly no coincidence.

The most emblematic model of the American brand Levi's, the cult 501 has marked many generations -- in the 1960s and the 1990s in particular -- with a host of reissues, each more coveted than the next. In November, it is precisely the '90s -- a decade particularly popular among Gen Z -- that the famous brand celebrated with its 501 '90's' release. The style was presented by none other than Hailey Bieber, and has already been adopted by a host of influencers, Léna Situations in the lead. It is therefore perhaps not surprising to learn today that Levi's 501 jeans are currently among the world's most coveted...

That, in any case, is what the LTK influencer marketing platform has revealed, reporting a spectacular 600% increase in searches for Levi's 501s over the past few weeks, showing a definite revival of interest in this enduring style, which has been passed from generation to generation. This timeless classic is now overshadowing some very popular jeans styles, such as the tight-fitting skinny, and the looser bootcut and flare styles.

But 501s aren't the only jeans proving a hit on specialized platforms, since mom jeans -- another vintage model with a casual cut -- have also found a crowd of followers. And that's an understatement. In recent weeks, related searches have jumped by 700%, proving that women are currently looking for pieces that savvily combine style and comfort.

Unsurprisingly, jeans styles from the '70s and '90s -- each with their specific characteristics -- have recently become more and more popular, with searches up by +130% and +40% respectively. In fact, scrolling through social media soon reveals that baggy and cargo styles -- two must-haves of the '90s -- are currently making a comeback. And, in general, it's looser jeans and baggy pants -- even oversized cuts -- that will be popular this summer. Casual, but stylish nonetheless.

Christelle Pellissier

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