Forget iPhone 16 — new leak is a big reason to wait for iPhone 17

 Apple iPhone 15 review.
Apple iPhone 15 review.

While the iPhone 16 lineup is still in the works and months away from launch, a new leak suggests it may be a good idea to wait until the iPhone 17 if you don’t plan to buy a pro version of Apple’s next handset.

Apple will offer LTPO OLED displays across all four models starting with next year’s iPhone 17, the Elec is reporting, citing people who claim to have knowledge of Apple’s plans. LTPO OLED is the technical term for Apple’s highest-end iPhone display, offering 120Hz ProMotion performance, along with a 1Hz always-on display. It’s available now in Apple’s iPhone Pro models, but has never come to its lower-end iPhones.

To say that could be a major boon for iPhone buyers would be an understatement. Last year’s iPhone 15 Pro displays performed exceptionally well compared to the lower-end 60Hz display in the iPhone 15. And in a world where users are increasingly turning to their iPhone screens to watch videos, play video games, and more, having a faster refresh rate and a better overall display is desirable.

However, The Elec’s report, if accurate, also shines light on what we won’t be getting this year — a 120Hz display in the iPhone 16.

Several rumors have suggested that the iPhone 16 will be a somewhat minor update this year, with improvements under the hood, including more powerful processors and advanced artificial intelligence features. However, those reports also suggest that the iPhone 16 won’t necessarily come with a major design overhaul and Apple is deciding to keep the same displays it offered in the iPhone 15 lineup. The Elec’s report would seem to corroborate those claims.

For those who don’t want to spend a bundle of cash on an iPhone Pro model, however, it begs the question of what to do: buy this year’s iPhone 16 even if it offers a less-than-ideal display or opt to wait another year for the iPhone 17. If screens are important, however, the latter may be the only option.

Of course, Apple isn’t discussing its plans for next year’s iPhone 17, let alone what it could have in store for this year’s iPhone 16. But with a mounting pile of evidence suggesting the iPhone 17 lineup could be the one to watch, with better displays, more powerful hardware, and design improvements, for many consumers, opting for an iPhone 16 this year may be a bad idea.

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