Forest officials rescue startled deer that fell into 100-foot-deep well in India

Following a marathon operation, forest department officials rescued a spotted deer from a 100-foot-deep (30.48 metres) well in southern India's Andhra Pradesh.

The visuals came out of a farm well at Veernagudi village of Gandhara Nellore town in Chittoor district on June 20.

According to reports, the deer ventured out of the forest and entered a farm in the area.

The animal fell into the well while trying to run after seeing a person.

Forest department officials were alerted who rushed to the spot to rescue the animal.

The video shows the officials climbing down into the well and using a rope to haul the animal out.

They restrain the deer to the ground and tie ropes to its body.

Following this, the animal was pulled out of the well.

Sources suggest the animal suffered minor bruises on its mouth.

The deer was later released into the nearby forest.