Foreign volunteers’ citizenship bill advances in parliament

A bill that regulates granting citizenship to foreign nationals who volunteered to defend Ukraine has passed its first reading in the Ukrainian parliament, Oleksiy Goncharenko MP reported via Telegram on May 9.

According to the MP, 263 lawmakers voted in favor of the bill.

“This is a much-needed legislative proposal; a step has been taken towards the volunteers and their families,” he wrote.

The bill the bill proposes granting immigration permits or Ukrainian citizenship for those whose passports have expired, and applies to foreign nationals and stateless persons who have defended Ukraine.

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Furthermore, the bill grants the right to obtain a temporary residence permit for family members of people who have signed a contract with the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Citizens of Russia and Belarus, who apply for Ukrainian citizenship, will be required to confirm the termination of their previous citizenship after martial law is lifted in Ukraine.

Individuals serving in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and granted Ukrainian citizenship during martial law must pass a test on the knowledge of the Ukrainian Constitution, history, and language within two years of the end of martial law.

Finally, within one year following the end of martial law in Ukraine, no applications for citizenship from Russian nationals will be accepted.

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