Ford job cuts plan triggers Europe strike threat

STORY: Ford faces the threat of Europe-wide labor unrest.

German union IG Metall said Monday (January 23) that it would take action to disrupt output across the continent if the company did not reverse planned job cuts.

The union reckons 3,200 roles are due to go in the region.

IG Metall says Ford intends to cut jobs in product development and administration.

Capacity is expected to be diverted to the U.S. instead.

Ford declined to comment.

It would only refer to a Friday (January 20) statement, which said the transition to electric cars would require structural changes.

Ford of Europe produces, sells and services vehicles in 50 markets.

It employs around 45,000 people at its own facilities and joint ventures.

The U.S. carmaker has committed to going all-electric in Europe by 2030, and is working on a range of new vehicles.