Ford introduces prototype ‘emoji jacket' to better driver-to-cyclist communication

As part of its ‘Share The Road' campaign, Ford has created an Emoji Jacket, a prototype coat for cyclists with a screen-like back that can communicate with drivers via a display of emojis.

As part of the brand's Share The Road campaign, an initiative designed to promote the safe travel of cyclists on the same streets as cars, Ford has revealed a jacket designed to signal cyclists' intentions.

This coat was created so that those on a bicycle can better communicate with drivers without having to remove their hands from the handlebars or dangerously turn their head away from traffic. A screen-like digital display has been integrated into the back panel which can show one of six emojis to convey cyclists' plans of action and emotions --  a smiley face, a frowny face, a straight face, left and right arrows, and a hazard signal -- which can be selected via a wireless remote on the bike's handlebars.

The Emoji Jacket prototype is currently one-of-a-kind; it hasn't been designed to go into production, but rather to demonstrate "how tensions could be eased by enabling riders to more easily and more clearly show drivers what their intentions are -- and how they are feeling."