Footage Shows Crater Blasted Into Soccer Field in Southern Ukraine

Two people were killed and another was injured as shelling by Russian forces struck multiple buildings in Bashtanka, Ukraine, in the early hours of June 7, the regional government said.

Footage by Maria Avdeeva shows severe damage to the Slaviya soccer stadium in the city. In the video, Avdeeva describes a 10-meter-wide crater.

Authorities said government buildings and a sports school were also struck by the shelling, which hit after 1 am. Credit: Maria Avdeeva via Storyful

Video transcript

MARIA AVDEEVA: This is Bashtanka Stadium, and a Russian rocket hit here several days ago. The blast was major. Everywhere you see the aftermath of the explosion and this kind of metal parts of the rocket are lying here on the ground.

And the crater is just enormously big. Military say that probably it has been Tochka-U or Kalibr missile rocket, because the crater is about 10 meters in diameter-- just huge, enormous. And everywhere on the field, on this football field, there are remains of the concrete metal parts.

The windows in the nearby buildings are blown out. And that sports center behind the stadium is just completely destroyed because of the explosion wave. There were four rockets that were hit on Bashtanka, and this one here was enormously huge.

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