As food prices rise, Germans are growing their own

STORY: If you want to grow your own vegetables

but lack the space

and don't like the idea of manure or digging

Germany may have found a solution for you

These are pre-planted vegetable gardens

They're small plots of land rented out on a seasonal basis


"The vegetable garden costs €229 ($241) per season for rent. This already includes everything. Garden tools and the planting is completely included. That means you take care of it, harvest and re-plant. Some gardeners really write down everything they have already harvested. And we had a family that was able to harvest 450 kilos of vegetables from their vegetable garden and, of course, exceeded their seasonal contribution by a considerable amount and got much more out of the garden than they paid for. This means that if you really harvest regularly, re-plant, re-seed and simply manage the garden well throughout the year, you really have the opportunity to save money."

Demand has been growing

as food prices surge due to inflation

Organizers say participants can save

up to two-thirds of the cost of their produce


"During the season here in the garden we get a lot of vegetables, so sometimes we can give some of them to friends. So we have enough of them."

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