Yahoo readers' most searched food and drinks in Malaysia

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Malaysia is a food paradise, and the food scene is always bustling, from daytime in stalls within wet markets, to pasar malams or mamaks that operate late into the night.

It's probably difficult to choose the top item from a long list of Malaysian food, but if online searches are any indication of favouritism, then these data will tell you what Malaysian's favourite (or at least top searched) food are!

We delved deep into our data this year and here are the top five food related searches, according to Yahoo readers in Malaysia.

1. Roti kaya

Common oriental breakfast set in Malaysia consisting of toast bread
Roti Kaya (Photo: Gettyimages)

You can't go wrong with bread, butter and the incredibly fragrant and delicious pandan-based sweet jam Malaysians love slathering on bread. It's top-grade comfort food an no wonder it's the top searched food of 2021. Just looking at the photo makes me crave for a roti kaya right now!

2. Momo (dumplings)

Fried momos dumpling
Fried momos dumpling (Photo: Gettyimages)

The fact that many countries have their version of yummy meat or vegetable fillings wrapped in a dough casing and then steamed, pan-fried, deep-fried or more is a testament to how delicious dumplings are. Momo is a traditional delicacy often found within Nepalese and Tibetan communities and is now enjoyed by foodies in Malaysia.

3. Pizza

A view of a rustic sausage and pepperoni pizza.
A sausage and pepperoni pizza. (Photo: Gettyimages)

Regardless of culture or location, pizza seems to have found a way into the heart of foodies from all around the world. In Malaysia, it's the top three most searched food item. Yum!

4. Nasi lemak

Malay food of Nasi Lemak
Nasi lemak. (PHOTO: Getty Images)

Most Malaysians will know where the best Nasi Lemak in their hearts are, but it does not mean they are not searching for more options. Coming in fourth on this list, the national dish of Malaysia consists of fragrant coconut and pandan rice, proteins of choice can include fish, chicken, beef or otak-otak, an egg, sprinkling of peanuts and ikan bilis and to top it all off, a generous and spicy serving of sambal.

Just please remember, chicken rendang is saucy, not fried.

5. Kuih

Close-up of Malaysian snacks or desserts known as kuih
Close-up of Malaysian snacks or desserts known as kuih

So many kuihs, so little time to eat them all! There are more than 40 variations of kuihs, either sweet, savoury or sometimes both, and generally made from starchier flour to give them a bouncy texture. There's really something for everyone, so it's no wonder that it made the list at top five.

What's your favourite food out of this list?

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