Food delivery rider puts aside work to help elderly woman lost in Puchong get back home (VIDEO)

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KUALA LUMPUR, July 26 — Food delivery rider Muhammad Khuzaimie Lemat has gone viral on social media, which has earned him praises after a video of him helping a lost senior citizen was posted.

The 24-year-old posted a TikTok video yesterday which shows him trying to help an elderly woman who was looking to get back home.

In the video, Khuzaimie explained that he was on his way to work the morning before when he was stopped by the elderly woman around Puchong area who asked for his help in getting her back home.

Khuzaimie, who’s also fluent in Mandarin, can be heard asking the woman for directions to her home so he could drop her off.

However, the woman could not remember where she lived.

“She told me to send her home. I took her on my bike, but she kept on telling me to go further. She said her house number is nine.

“I think this aunty doesn’t know where her house is.

“I think I should take her to the police station, I’m afraid she’s lost because she says she doesn’t remember the location of the house,” he said in the video.

@khuzaimie_lemat1.0 Sesiapa jika jumpa Auntie ni lagi berlegar-legar kau orang boleh terus hantar ke balai polis je sebab memang dah kerap belaku gini #fyp #foryoupage #fypシ bunyi asal - CEO OF FOODPANDA

When talking to portal MStar, Khuzaimie who has been working as a food delivery rider for three years, said that he met the woman while he was on his way to collect food orders around Bandar Puteri Puchong.

Before he could retrieve the orders, he was stopped by the woman, who then requested him to send her home as her legs were hurting.

“But after she got on my motorcycle, she kept telling me to go straight ahead and said that her house number is nine.

“However, she didn’t remember the road name or the name of the park.

“When I asked her, she said she didn’t remember. Only then, I suspect that she was senile,” he said.

After circling the surrounding area for about 20 minutes, Khuzaimie decided to contact the police and after explaining his intentions to the woman, he brought her to a nearby police station and gave a statement to the police.

The police have also managed to get a copy of the identity card belonging to the woman’s son and contacted her next-of-kin to pick her up.

“I accompanied the aunty and waited for her son to come pick her up because I was worried that she would run out of the police station.

“At the same time, aunty looked like she was sitting inside anxiously, so I asked her to wait outside while I chatted with her,” he said.

The woman’s son told Khuzaimie that the elderly woman would often go out of the house and their family members would then have to go out looking for her in the surrounding area.

The son added that the woman is searching for her other child.

Meanwhile, Khuzaimie’s TikTok post has amassed over a million views on TikTok with over 100,000 likes and comments from TikTok users applauding his efforts.

@khuzaimie_lemat1.0 Membalas kepada @nizfatenh Alhamdulillah pihak polis dah call waris dia untuk pickup auntie ni dekat balai tadi #fypシ #foryoupage #fyp bunyi asal - CEO OF FOODPANDA

In a separate video, Khuzaimie said that this was amongst his sweetest experiences when working as a delivery rider.

“I actually took the aunty for a ride across Puchong for almost 30 minutes.

“As she was enjoying the breeze behind me, I was nervous at the front as she’s not wearing any helmet.

“This is one of the sweetest and funniest experiences for me,” he said.

He added that if anyone ever comes across the elderly woman again, he advised them to contact the police.

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