Food Delivery Driver Caught on Camera Defecating in Apartment Building's Lobby

A DoorDash food delivery driver has been caught on camera defecating in an apartment building’s lobby in Los Angeles’s Brentwood neighborhood, as seen in a video obtained by Storyful.

The largest food delivery service in the US, DoorDash said it will no longer use the food delivery driver and is in the process of reimbursing the building for cleaning costs.

“The trust and safety of our community is extremely important and what’s shown in this video is absolutely unacceptable and disturbing," a spokesperson for DoorDash said in a statement sent to Storyful.

“We’ve deactivated this Dasher and are in touch with the building staff so we can reimburse for the cleaning costs. We will also cooperate with law enforcement on any investigation.”

The video was provided by Lisa Stanley, who manages a California apartment complex. In the video, the delivery driver uses the building’s lobby as a toilet on November 12.

In this video, the driver enters the building to deliver food before she gets back into the lobby. She leans on a trash bin in the hall and lifts off her dress to defecate on the bin. The driver then leaves without cleaning.

According to local media, DoorDash fully refunded the customer’s order and issued $20 in additional credit. Credit: Lisa Stanley via Storyful

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