Foo Fighters Drop ‘Love Dies Young’ Video, Starring Jason Sudeikis as Synchronized Swimming Coach

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Looks like Ted Lasso isn’t the only coach character Jason Sudeikis has mastered.

In the music video for Foo Fighters’ “Love Dies Young,” Sudeikis flips the persona from his Emmy-winning show on its head, instead portraying an impassioned synchronized swimming coach.

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In the beginning of the video, Sudeikis sports a blonde wig and mustache and American flag jacket as he gives a pep talk to five synchronized swimmers, who are soon revealed to be the band’s members.

“How lucky are we? We get to do something that we love, that we are good at. How lucky are we?” Sudeikis’ character says calmly while pacing back and forth in a locker room. “You get to do your synchro, I get to coach you. I get to coach champions. Potential champions.”

Sudeikis then switches to a yell, telling the team: “This is the most important competition of your lives. I yell at you because I love you. You listen to me because you love me.”

He continues, “Is this a weird dynamic? Yeah sure, from the outside — to losers. I picked you up out of the water by the scruffs of your necks, and I looked at you and I said, ‘You will be a champion!’ Or not.”

The opening guitar riff to “Love Dies Young” then rings out as the song starts.

This is not Sudeikis’ first music video appearance — he starred in the visual for Mumford and Sons’ “Hopeless Wanderer” in 2013, along with Jason Bateman, Ed Helms and Will Forte. The lead singer of the English folk band, Marcus Mumford, scored “Ted Lasso.”

Watch the full music video below.

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