Fontaines DC and Self Esteem to feature on new Nick Drake album

 (fontaines dc press )
(fontaines dc press )

A new Nick Drake album has been announced, featuring various artist interpretations of his classic songs.

The late artist, who is best known for songs such as “Pink Moon”, “Place To Be” and “Northern Sky”, died in 1974, aged 26.

Now, a new album entitled The Endless Coloured Ways, Songs By Nick Drake will be released, compiling new interpretations of some of his best-known songs.

Irish band Fontaines DC lead the releases, sharing their raucous version of “Cello Song” on Steve Lemacq’s 6 Music show today (Wednesday 1 March).

Other artists including Self Esteem, Feist and John Grant will be included on the new album, due for release on 7 July.

The record, an idea from Nick Drake’s Estate Manager, Cally Callomon and Jeremy Lascelle of Blue Raincoat Music and Chrysalis Records, will also include covers from David Gray, Aurora, Bombay Bicycle Club and Emeli Sandé.

“Nick Drake was not that concerned with promoting himself as an artist but I think he would have been overjoyed to hear his art revisited and newly promoted by so many vibrant and talented artists,” said Callomon.

“Cally and I embarked on this venture with one simple brief to each of the artists – that they ignore the original recording of Nick’s, and reinvent the song in their own unique style,” Lascelle said.

Artwork for the album of Nick Drake covers (press nick drake)
Artwork for the album of Nick Drake covers (press nick drake)

“It was really humbling to hear so many similar responses, with everyone saying how important Nick’s music was to them, and how much they wanted to be part of this project.

“As the results came in one by one, we were thrilled by the brilliance and invention that each artist had shown. They had done exactly what we hoped for - they had made the song their own,” he added.