Flying From Singapore’s Changi Airport In November? It Will Cost You More

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As international travel continues to gain momentum post-pandemic, passengers flying out of Singapore’s Changi Airport will have to pay extra airport fees and levies from November 1 2022.

The announcement was made on September 15 by the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) and Changi Airport Group (CAG), who informed that the surge in the charges was to be levied in 2018, but was held back due to COVID-19.

Here’s more on the fee hike at Singapore’s Changi Airport


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Variance in fees

Passengers taking flights originating from Changi pay a departure fee of S$52.30 (RM 168.72), which includes S$35.40 (RM 114.20) as passenger service and security fee (PSSF), S$6.10 (RM 19.68) as aviation levy and S$10.80 (RM 34.84) as airport development levy.

However, this is expected to see a hike from November 1. The new charges total S$59.20 (RM 190.98) and include S$40.40 (RM 130.33) as PSSF, S$8 (RM 25.81) as aviation levy and S$10.80 (RM 34.84) as airport development levy. This amount is to continue till March 2023 after which it is expected to rise to S$62.20 (RM 200.66) from April 2023, and then to S$65.20 (RM 210.34) from April 2024.

The aviation levy amounts are directed to the air hub development and regulatory functions of CAAS. The authorities at CAAS are to utilise it for maintaining the airport and making the country a prime hub of international aviation in the post-pandemic era.

It is important to note that those who have booked tickets from Singapore before November 1, are not required to pay this additional charge.


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Charges for transit passengers and aircrafts

singapore Changi Airport fees and levy
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A Straits Times report mentions that in-transit passengers will see no hike in charges and will continue to pay the same S$9 (RM 29.03) as before.

According to a CNA report, the authorities announced, “The Landing, Parking and Aerobridge (LPA) charges for all flights operating at Changi Airport will increase by 2 per cent on November 1 2022, and increase by another 1 per cent each year on Apr 1 2023, and Apr 1 2024, as earlier announced.”

The PSSF and LPA also go into upgrading the infrastructure. As travels resumed post-pandemic, Changi Airport reopened two new terminals which were shut in May 2020. While Terminal 4 began operations on September 13 2022, Terminal 2 restarted on May 29 2022. Operations are also slated to begin in Terminal 5 soon.

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