Flying Debris Narrowly Misses Apartment Window During Toronto Windstorm

A large piece of airborne debris narrowly missed the window of an apartment in downtown Toronto, Canada, as a windstorm hit the city on November 15, Global News reported.

This footage shows a large board spinning toward an apartment window as the recorder, Alyssa Offermann, ducks for cover.

“I was in my apartment when I noticed all the boards flying down from the sky. As I was filming I saw the one board flying toward me and narrowly missing my living room window and balcony,” Offermann said.

The windstorm toppled trees, traffic lights, and power lines, leaving thousands of people without power, with Toronto Fire Chief Matthew Pegg tweeting that fire crews were “responding to a number of incidents including wires down and elevator rescues due to the high winds and power outages.” Credit: Alyssa Offermann via Storyful

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