Flying car airport scheduled to land in England

This airport will house flying cars

Urban-Air Port has partnered with Hyundai

to build an airport for future air taxis in Coventry, England

The project won a $1.65 million grant from the UK government

aimed at developing zero-emission flying vehicles


"You know, there's a lot of talk about air taxis and flying cars, and there's been a huge amount of investment that has gone into those vehicle programmes, but what's been missing so far, is the piece that will unlock the value of those programmes, and that's the infrastructure. You know, you can't board a plane at the moment without going to an airport and you can't get off a train or get on a train unless you go to a train station. So that supporting ground infrastructure is absolutely key. So some of our technologies will integrate the vehicle technologies. We will also have off-grid and renewable energy integrated with solar panels and hydrogen fuel cell electric generators, and also the physical infrastructure itself will have a level of autonomous connectivity features, both for the vehicle integration but also the way that our infrastructure is actually built and erected."