Flying boats could save Venice's heritage from erosion

This 'flying' boat could be the solution to Venice’s erosion problem

Location: Venice, Italy

Venice’s architecture faces a constant risk from water erosion

caused by waves from motorboats and ferries

The Candela C-7 electric boat runs on underwater 'wings'

that lifts the hull of the boat into the air

reducing erosion damage by around 80%


“The boat has five sensors that reads the water and speaks to the computer system in the boat and the computer system basically tells the foils to move and they move 100 times a second, back and forth and diagonal to keep the boat stable. So when you are up flying it takes off at about fifteen knots. It becomes extremely stable with no slamming against the waves and you just cruise along. / “We have all seen how electrical vehicles have changed the pattern of the way we travel on land, now it is the time to do that on sea.”