'Flying boat' makes waves at CES

STORY: Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

This all-electric ‘flying boat’ uses hydrofoils to fly over the water

The 28-ft long Candela C-8 is made by Swedish company Candela

When it reaches a speed of 16 knots, its hydrofoils go into action

[Mikael Mahlberg, Head of Communications / Candela]

"It flies on hydrofoils and these hydrofoils reduce energy consumption by 80% compared to our conventional boat. So, that means that we can squeeze out more miles at high speeds."

"So we're on board the Candela C-8. And, unlike a traditional boat that slams waves a lot, this flies over them and there's a computer that handles the flying. So, it's a smooth and level ride in almost all conditions. A lot of people don't like to go boating because they get seasick, but you can't get seasick in a Candela."

Retailing at $395,000, Candela has already received some 150 orders for the Candela C-8

"So, electrification in boating hasn't really caught on. And the reason is that it's hard to electrify conventional boats. So if you have a boat hull, planing boat hull, it uses about 15 times more energy than a car per mile at high speeds because it has to displace so much water just going through the water, it basically goes through water. So what we've done is that we have as aircraft wings, or hydrofoils under the water which make this boat fly above the friction."