'What Is It?': Fluffy Insect Stumps Amateur Entomologist

A curious-looking insect captured on camera by a Queensland woman prompted her to ask a Facebook group dedicated to creepy crawlies found Down Under just what she had come across.

Sina Kankaanpaa shared footage of the small, furry-looking creature making its way across a branch to the Entomology Australia group.

Saying she’d seen a few similar insects along the Gold Coast recently, she also asked simply “what is it?”

While many comments just thought the creature was cute no matter what it was, there was some debate, though a general consensus was that it was a type of caterpillar.

Kankaanpaa told Storyful, she believed it was a “sterrhinae caterpillar clothed in wattle flowers.” This was a guess of some commenting on the post too, with another Facebook user writing that it could be a “eucyclodes caterpillar”. Credit: Sina Kankaanpaa via Storyful

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