Florida Woman Charged After Allegedly Throwing Ex-Partner's Cat in Waterway

A woman in Oak Hill, Florida, was arrested on a charge of animal cruelty, Volusia Sheriff’s Office said, after she allegedly threw a cat inside a carry crate into water following a domestic dispute.

The cat, Stanley, was rescued following the incident.

The woman, Christa Anne Thistle, 53, “was also charged with simple assault after she demanded to be taken to jail so she could make a phone call, bond out and kill her ex-boyfriend,” police said.

The incident arose when Thistle and her former partner, who had recently broken up, had an argument about his not moving out quickly enough, police said.

“She began moving his belongings out of the RV, knocked over some food that was being cooked, then picked up Stanley’s cat crate and threw him into the river,” police said.

“The boyfriend jumped into the water to rescue Stanley but estimated the cat was submerged for about 20 seconds. Stanley was still wet and shivering when deputies arrived, and the boyfriend was wet from the waist down, consistent with jumping in the river to save him.”

Thistle denied the charges. Stanley was taken into custody by local animal services for evaluation. Credit: Volusia Sheriff’s Office via Storyful

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