Florida Preacher Dives for Cover as Bullets Hit Home During Facebook Live

Bullets whizzed through the wall of a Jacksonville, Florida, home as a local woman was recording a Gospel-themed Facebook Live video on May 11, in a shooting that left three bystanders with non-life-threatening injuries, local media reported.

Lovey D Walker was livestreaming on her Facebook page when the bullets hit her home. The video shows Walker drop to the floor as a succession of loud bangs can be heard. Walker eventually gets back up, unharmed, and continues to talk to the camera.

“I was preaching the Gospel and they just started shooting,” she told Storyful. “I hit the floor and after the shooting stopped, I finished preaching.”

Walker said everyone in her home was okay, and said she did not call the police.

According to local news outlets, “three victims were struck by gunfire and multiple homes and cars were struck.”

Storyful reached out to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office for comment, but did not receive a response at the time of publishing. Credit: Loveyd Walker via Storyful

Video transcript

LOVEY WALKER: So they don't want you to know about. That's why it's a secret. Hello! They don't want you to know about it.





- You all right, Patricia?


- This isn't bad. Go there.


- Yeah, I think the devil's shot, man. Deidre.

- Yeah.


LOVEY WALKER: Huh? Oh my God. Oh my God, yo! Oh my God, they just started shooting! You see? You see the devil? Do you see the devil? When you try to do something that has something to do with God, and try to expose Him, you see how the devil does? Oh my God. You think that's going-- you think that's going to stop me from preaching this gospel? Devil, you got me so messed up. He don't know me. He does not know me. He don't know me.

Look, it literally came through. Look. Oh my God. Oh my God. Somebody is shot out there. Somebody just got shot out there. Oh my God. Oh my God! That was crazy. Let's go back to the Word.