Florida Police Free Deer Trapped in Fence

Police in Alachua County, Florida, said they put in a “great group effort” to free a deer trapped in a fence, according to footage published on June 1.

Alachua County Sheriff posted this video showing the rescue to Facebook, commenting that it’s “not every day you get to rescue a deer” and that it was a “great sight to see him run away free.” Credit: Alachua County Sheriff via Storyful

Video transcript

- Because we see how he is. The one leg is on this side. The other leg's on that side. It's his little hips. I think our only chance of getting it is maybe to get this leg out. Well, that's going to be the first thing we have to do no matter what is pull this leg out.

- I might be able to pick up and turn?

- Yeah, that's what I'm thinking.

- All right, pup.

- You got a-- you got a pillow-- can you go get a pillow case or something, something we can put over his head? A little blanket, just something like. That that'll help him. He's a resilient little guy. Yeah, perfect.

Just put it over his head. That way-- It's all right. He'll-- yep, yep, there we go.

- Come on out. You got the hold that.


- We got it. it's going through. Yeah.

- You have the back? Just one.

- Almost gone. Almost gone.

- All right, you lift your side a little bit. Let's tweak him-- like, let's get his tips like this.

- See if we can get that. Yep. Yep, yep.

Team effort!

- Thank y'all for this.

- We win. Air five, air five. Thank you, guys. Yeah.

- We're fine. Thank you. I really appreciate your help.

- No, thank you.

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