Florida Gym Owner Refits Space to Maintain Social Distancing After Reopening

A gym owner near Tampa, Florida, has refitted his space to ensure that customers and staff adhere to social-distancing measures when the business reopens.

In a video shared on April 28, Rich Pond, the owner of CrossFit Apogee in Gibsonton, outlines the changes to the gym, which include six designated 400-square-foot workout areas, each for a single person, and a spot for a coach in the center of the room.

“I’ve never downplayed this virus and that won’t change. I closed the gym early from my own caution and concerns about safety,” Pond wrote on the CrossFit Apogee Facebook page, adding that he felt “weird” about reopening it and “fully understood” if people didn’t want to return yet.

No more than eight people – six customers and two employees – would be in the space at any one time, Pond says. Each workout area would be next to an open door, have a fan blowing toward it and the door, and would include a squat bay, a rower, rings, a pull-up rig, and a rope, he said.

Pond added that priority for slots would be given to first responders. Credit: CrossFit Apogee via Storyful