Florida Deputy and Good Samaritan Pull Man Away From Fiery Crash

A good Samaritan and a sheriff’s deputy “put their own safety at risk” to rescue an injured man after a fiery crash in Palm Coast, Florida, on January 3, the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office said.

This footage was shared by the sheriff’s office, who said it was filmed after a car and scooter burst into flames following a collision on Palm Coast Parkway at I-95 shortly after 11 pm.

A nearby witness and a sheriff’s deputy, who were the first on scene, “immediately ran” to the aid of the scooter driver who was lying on the ground with a severe head injury, the sheriff’s office said.

They “put their own safety at risk in order to move the injured man away from the crash and a safe distance from the flames,” Sheriff Rick Staly said.

“In the body camera footage you can hear an explosion from the vehicle fire just as they are pulling the man away from the crash site,” he added. “Their quick and selfless actions may have helped save this injured man’s life.”

The scooter driver was transported to Halifax Health Medical Center by ambulance and the driver of the other vehicle was uninjured, the sheriff’s office said. Credit: Flagler County Sheriff’s Office via Storyful