Florida Cat Hoarder Arrested on Multiple Counts of Animal Cruelty

Florida detectives arrested a woman in Fort Myers on October 6 for animal cruelty after responding to reports of about a dozen cats living in “deplorable conditions,” local law enforcement said.

This footage released by Lee County Sheriff’s Office shows “insect infestations, feces, urine, and trash everywhere,” they wrote in a Facebook post. The skeletal remains of an animal were also found, they said.

Animal services had previously seized three cats from the home of Luuly Quang with injuries including malnourishment, upper respiratory infections, swollen-shut eyes, and paralysis, according to the sheriff’s office. All three were euthanized due to their health conditions.

Detectives arrested Quang on three counts of aggravated animal cruelty, the sheriff’s office said. The investigation is ongoing. Credit: Lee County Sheriff’s Office via Storyful

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