Florida Boy and Dog Missing for 2 Months Happily Reunited

A 10-year-old Florida boy was brought to tears on March 8 when he was reunited with his dog Bruiser, who had been missing for two months, his mother said.

Jamie Bandy told Storyful that Bruiser had gone missing on January 4 and the family was “starting to lose hope” after weeks of trying to locate him. Bandy said her family repeatedly posted on Facebook, put out clothes with a familiar scent near their Fort Meade home, and made flyers with rewards. They frequently stopped by Polk County Animal Control, too.

On March 4, exactly two months after Bruiser went missing, Bandy said Highlands County Animal Control called and said they had him. Bandy said she organized a surprise for her son Tyler, who had recently asked if Bruiser was found yet.

This footage shows Tyler’s shocked reaction when he walks inside to see Bruiser bounding toward him on March 8. The video shows Tyler sobbing and hugging the dog as Bruiser wags his tail vigorously and showers the boy in affection. Credit: Jamie Bandy via Storyful