Floods force wildlife out of India's Kaziranga National Park and onto roads and higher ground

Severe flooding in the Indian state of Assam is forcing wildlife out of Kaziranga National Park and onto roads and other higher ground. Incessant rains in Assam and Arunanchal Pradesh have affected over 258,000 people across 16 districts, with rivers swollen and flooded. It has had a major impact on wildlife too. Footage shot on 30 August shows large areas of Kaziranga National Park submerged in water. Many animals, like elephants and rhinos, can be seen standing in flood waters, while other are being forced out of the park and into higher areas where they come into contact with humans. Kaziranga hog deers are seen crossing highways to reach higher ground, risking their own lives and those of human car users. As a result, the park and local authorities have introduced time cards and restricted speed limits for all vehicles on National Highway 37, which passes through the national park.

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