Flooding Hits Turkish Black Sea Coast

Several provinces in northern Turkey are battling flooding with national media reporting rescues and evacuations for residents of Bozkurt, in Kastamonu province, on June 27.

Footage recorded by Enes Volkan Gedik showed people standing in calf-high water in the central district of Bozkurt, a town on the Black Sea coast, on Monday.

Anadolu reported that people in Bozkurt were being rescued after a river overflowed and flooded several houses, trapping people inside.

Local Governor Avni Çakır told Anadolu that there had been no fatalities reported.

More than 80 people were killed by flooding in Bozkurt in 2021, when it was hit by “one of the worst floods in the Black Sea region in decades.” Credit: Enes Volkan Gedik via Storyful