Flood-hit Pakistanis say aid distributed unequally

STORY: In Rajanpur, one of the worst affected regions in the Punjab province, people lined up to get food and water from aid workers. An aid worker said they were providing three meals a day.

In nearby Fazil Pur, two evacuees at a makeshift camp said they had received no aid at all for days.

“I haven't received a tent, food or money for the past 12 days. Aid is being given to those who have come from outside this region. We are sitting here helpless. We are waiting for help. If it comes, then good. If not, God help us,” said evacuee Ghulam Qadir.

The catastrophic floods, brought by heavy monsoon rains, have killed more than 1,100 people, destroyed infrastructure and crops, and affected 33 million people. Early estimates put the damage from the floods at more than $10 billion, the government has said, adding that the world had an obligation to help the South Asian country cope with the effects of man-made climate change.