Flippin' Heck! Dolphin's Tail Kick Sends Fish Flying Over Florida Dock

A dolphin’s powerful tail kick sent a fish flying over a dock in St Petersburg, Florida, video shared on September 2 shows.

Footage by Michael McCarthy, who runs a local boat and kayak business called See Through Canoe, shows dolphins “fish whacking”, with one sending a fish soaring over the dock.

“This is a fish hunting technique used by dolphins called fish kicking or fish whacking,” McCarthy told Storyful.

“Although the dolphins probably enjoy it, it is a legit hunting method and the dolphins that learn and master it spend a lot less energy to catch a fish than is typically spent chasing a fish to grab it with their mouth,” he said.

According to McCarthy, the kick usually stuns the fish, so that all the dolphin has to do is fetch it.

“I have had a dolphin kick a fish right to me before and it almost landed in my kayak,” he said. Credit: See Through Canoe via Storyful

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