FlexiSpot E7 Pro Plus Desk Review

Flexispot E7 Pro Plus Desk Review
Flexispot E7 Pro Plus Desk Review

The FlexiSpot E7 Pro Plus takes what made the E7 so great and aims to improve upon it with an advanced dual-motor system, increased durability, expanded height adjustment range, and a touch control panel with an included USB charging port. For a relatively minor price premium, the E7 Pro Plus could be worth the extra spend. After using the desk for a few weeks now, it’s time for my FlexiSpot E7 Pro Plus review.

Package breakdown

Flexispot E7 Pro Plus Desk Review
Flexispot E7 Pro Plus Desk Review

Like with most other FlexiSpot desks, the E7 Pro Plus is delivered in two boxes. The first box contains the legs and frame, while the second box includes the desktop.

While I was issued with a stealthy black frame and black walnut desktop, a white frame is also available alongside a wide range of desktop materials. What’s more, FlexiSpot now has an arsenal of accessories that you can add on to build out your setup. This includes the interesting Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair, which will see you cycling while working!

Time to build

Assembly is best carried out using the tutorial video embedded below. However, there are also written instructions with pictures.

The build process is simple enough with only a few steps. The only wrinkle is that, for compatibility with some tabletops, an electric drill may be required. Oh, and an extra pair of hands is definitely recommended for when it comes to flipping the table the right way up and rotating it into position.

Set your profiles

Flexispot E7 Pro Plus Desk Review
Flexispot E7 Pro Plus Desk Review

Once it’s set up and plugged in, the touch control panel is used to save different height profiles. With four different profiles to set, multiple users can have their own sit and stand heights ready to go. There’s also a USB charging port on the right side.

The upgraded motors result in the speedy, yet silent, switching from sitting to standing heights. At my 6’7” height, I have to crank the height to the absolute maximum of 128 cm. At the extreme heights, other desks can exhibit a jarring amount of wobble. With the E7 Pro Plus, the wobble was minimal and caused no distractions.

The sit-stand experience

Flexispot E7 Pro Plus Desk Review
Flexispot E7 Pro Plus Desk Review

Like many other sit-stand desks, the E7 Pro Plus allows users to switch between multiple positions throughout a workday or gaming session. I try to change between standing and sitting every hour or so and I’ve found that it keeps me feeling good and productive. Remaining locked into a chair for my 8-hour workday is not something I ever want to go back to and I encourage anyone who can own a standing desk to get one.

Final Verdict

It would have been tough for FlexiSpot to mess up the E7 Pro Plus, as I was such a big fan of the E7. Thankfully, the company has targeted the right areas for improvement, making for an overall more “Pro-feeling” product for a relatively minor price increase. The E7 Pro Plus sits between budget and the highest-end products as a great middle-ground that is well worth considering.

At the time of writing, one of the frequent FlexiSpot sales is on. The E7 Pro can be bought for $429.99 while the regular E7 is available for $319.99. There are many other products available with a discount.

Positives and Negatives

  • Strong and stable motors.

  • Very quiet in operation.

  • Looks very sleek in black.

  • Smooth build process, especially with the accompanying YouTube video.

  • Price is solid, given the quality and competition.

  • The need to drill own holes can hold up the setup process.

  • Desktop was slightly marked and perhaps could benefit from more secure packaging.


Disclosure: E7 Pro Plus review sample was provided by FlexiSpot.

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