Flavor Flav orders everything on Red Lobster menu in attempt to save restaurant chain

"Ya boy meant it when I said I was gonna do anything and everything to help @redlobster and save the cheddar bay biscuits," the reality star wrote.

Flavor Flav is doing everything he can to ensure that everyone can enjoy the sweet, sweet flavor of cheddar bay biscuits for years to come.

Last month, the rapper announced on social media that he was going to use his platform to help save Red Lobster — which he described as “one of America’s greatest dining dynasties” — after the restaurant chain announced that it had filed for bankruptcy. Now, Flavor Flav has officially put his money — and some where his mouth is by purchasing its entire menu.

“Ya boy meant it when I said I was gonna do anything and everything to help @redlobster and save the cheddar bay biscuits,” he wrote on X (formerly Twitter). “Ordered the whole menu,!!!”

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<p>Jesse Grant/Getty</p> Flavor Flav

Jesse Grant/Getty

Flavor Flav

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Alongside his post, Flavor Flav, whose real name is William Jonathan Drayton Jr., shared a snapshot of himself standing proudly behind two circular tables that were absolutely completely covered in a range of delectable seafood dishes.

He also took a moment to reply to several comments beneath his post, including one written by a person who claimed that Red Lobster was “closing down because of mismanagement and greed.” In response, Flavor Flav wrote, “The[y] aint closing down just yet.” 

Red Lobster also celebrated the reality star's deep sea dining experience, commenting, “It's flavor time boyeeeeee!”

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Red Lobster announced that it had filed for “Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection” and after making “the tough decision to close a number of our restaurants" on social media last month. In its filing, the company stated that "certain operational decisions by former management have harmed [Red Lobster’s] financial situation in recent years," including the decision to change its $20 endless shrimp from a promotional item into a permanent menu item, CNN reports.

Still, the company maintained in its post that "filing for bankruptcy does not mean we are going out of business." It continued, “In fact, it means just the opposite. It is a legal process that allows us to make changes to our business and our cost structure so that Red Lobster can continue as a stronger company going forward.”

It concluded, “Join us. Dine with us. Root for us. Together, we can write a new chapter.” You, me, and Flavor Flav.

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