How flat can she go? Hana the cat wins huge social media following

Sylvia Looi
Hana the cat shows tight spots are not a problem to her. She can squeeze through a 8cm gap. — Screenshot from Facebook video

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 11 — Cats can be cuddly and cute. Or grumpy and fidgety.

Besides their mannerisms, they are known to like to squeeze in tight places.

As one cat owner in Japan decided to test out.

The owner of Hana the cat decided to shoot a video of how “flat” it could go.

It started Hana going through a 15 centimetre gap.

This gap was gradually reduced to seven centimetre.

At this point, the cat gave up after getting her head stuck in between the gap.

In the end, Hana decided to jump over the board.

Of course, the video of Hana has gone viral since the video went up on Facebook recently.

The more than two-minute video has had over 29,000 reactions and has been shared more than 20,000 times.

Many of those who commented were cat owners who said they wanted to try the trick on their pets.

Others said how cute Hana looked doing the trick.

One social media user, however, said her cat would fail the test.