After flashing incident, Singaporean actor and singer Aliff Aziz says no one knows what he’s going through

Melanie Chalil
The 28-year-old was seen flashing in public during an argument that broke out in an eatery in Singapore. ― Screengrab via Facebook/Official_Fidz

PETALING JAYA, Jan 16 ― Following a public outburst that involved flashing in public, Singaporean actor Aliff Aziz has responded to the incident.

In an Instagram story post, Aliff shared a message admitting that he made a mistake and embarrassed his family as a result.

“Keep laughing at my pain. Yes I f***d up. I brought it upon myself.

“But trust me, walk in my shoes and you’d probably fall the first step,” he wrote yesterday.

In his message, Aliff also said he did not care if people continued to ridicule him and described a handful of social media users who will never be able to relate to his situation.

“Reflect yourself in the mirror and see if you’re fit to judge.

“Don’t take pleasure in insulting others because it may happen to you and then you’ll know how it feels,” Aliff wrote.

The father of one also deleted all his posts on Instagram following the incident.

The ex-husband of Bella Astillah took to Instagram yesterday with this message. ― Screengrab via Instagram/Aliff Aziz

The 28-year-old along with other unknown individuals were caught on camera bickering outside a restaurant on the island nation on Monday.

The former husband of Malaysian singer and actress Bella Astillah was seen attempting to provoke a few men, who were at the eatery before he started yelling profanities and threw a chair in their direction.

The clip which lasted over one minute also shows Aliff unzipping his jeans to expose his privates.

No stranger to courting controversy, Aliff has been making headlines since last year which included several cheating scandals that resulted in a divorce between him and Bella, criminal charges for stealing and being arrested for disorderly conduct.

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