Flash mob protest for vaccine inequality ahead G20

"What we demand from the G20 is to distribute existing vaccines in a more just way so everybody has access to vaccines, no matter where he or she lives," G20 co-ordinator for Oxfam, Jorn Kalinsky, told Reuters.

Activists wore white masks and suits and white lab coats as they stood by a coffin with '5 million deaths' written across it, throwing money into the air.

Oxfam said the flash mob represented an appeal to world leaders to act to suspend monopolies on COVID vaccines, allowing production in low-income countries where only a small percentage of the population is currently vaccinated.

On the eve of the summit, the three organizations published a report called "A Dose of Reality" that denounces how rich nations have so far donated 261 million COVID vaccines to developing countries, despite the 1.8 billion doses promised.

According to the report, the pharmaceutical companies, which hold the patents on the vaccines, have allocated only 12% of the doses allocated to COVAX, the initiative launched by the World Health Health Organization (WHO) initiative to ensure access to vaccines in low and middle-income countries.

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