Fizi of Upin & Ipin animated series apologises to twins (VIDEO)

Sylvia Looi
Fizi apologising to his friends Upin and Ipin over his insensitive remark. — Picture via Instagram/upinnipinofficial

KUALA LUMPUR, June 3 — A character in the popular Malaysian animated series Upin &Ipin has apologised over his slip of the tongue in a recent show.

A video of Fizi’s apologies was uploaded by the series producer Les’ Copaque Production Sdn Bhd on their official YouTube channel yesterday (Tuesday, June 2).

The four-minute clip was accompanied with the controversial scene from the Syahdunya Syawal episode that was aired on the first day of Hari Raya on MNCTV in Indonesia.

Saya, Fizi... Berdirinya di sini untuk memohon maaf pada Upin dan Ipin. Fizi tak sengaja tersalah cakap hari itu. (I, Fizi...stand here to apologise to Upin and Ipin. Fizi unintentionally said the wrong things that day.)

Jadi, janganlah marah Fizi lagi. Fizi sedih (So please do not be angry at Fizi. Fizi is sad),” continues the character in the video that has since been viewed over three million times within 20 hours.

Speaking to Malay portal BH Online, Syahdunya Syawal director Khairul Aimran Ibrahim said the apology video took two days to be completed.

“We also broadcast the apology clip on all our official social media platforms at Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter albeit a shorter version,” he said, hoping that Fizi would be forgiven in the spirit of Syawal.



It was previously reported that the animated character’s dialogue mistake had caused a storm among the series’ Indonesian fans who demanded an apology when the character declared that orphans do not have a place in heaven since they didn’t have a mother.

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