Five Shramik trains leave Karnataka

(Hubli) Karnataka [India], May 10 (ANI): South Western Railway (SWR) informed that a total of five Shramik specials left Karnataka on Sunday ferrying migrant workers and students back to their homes amid the lockdown.

In a press note, SWR stated that the first train for Udhampur in Jammu and Kashmir departed from Chikbanawar at 12:30 pm with 985 passengers, mostly students. The second train with 1068 passengers departed from Bengaluru and reached Malur while having a stop at Bankura city at 14:10 hrs.

"Shramik special from Chikbanawar to Gwalior left at 16:05 hrs with 1068 passengers. Another Shramik special to Danapur left Malur at 16:55 hrs with 1200 passengers on board. Today's fifth Shramik special train to Gorakhpur with 1200 persons departed at 17:55 hrs from Chikbanawar," the press note by SWR further read.

The SWR further informed that all the passengers were provided with packed meals and water bottles during the journey. "Passengers' details have been collected. IRCTC and other en-route divisions have also been informed," it said. (ANI)