Five-year-old amputee raises $1 mln with walk

A five-year-old British boy is following in the footsteps of national hero Captain Tom Moore.

Tony Hudgell's raised more than a million pounds for the London hosptial that saved his life by walking 10 kilometers on his new prosthetic legs.

And he says he doesn't plan to stop.

"Cause it's really, good, I decided to do more walking."

Tony's legs were amputated after abuse from his birth parents left him fighting for his life.

He got his new legs earlier this year.

Tony's adoptive mother Paula says at the start of June, he could barely take a step.

Then Tony saw 100-year-old vet Captain Tom doing laps in his garden to raise millions for charity.

"He saw Captain Tom on the telly doing his challenge with a walking frame. And that's how Tony started out first off with a walking frame. And we decided to actually. And he said, 'oh I can do that'. But then decided he wanted to walk with his crutches. So we decided to set a challenge to make us walk with him every day of June. And we thought then, well, we'll have a good idea whether this is going to work or not."

"The hospital had said he was unlikely to be able to sit, walk, crawl, talk. They had no idea cognitively how bad he was because there was a mass on the brain from injury. There was mass on his heart. So we were at the hospital every other week. But we'd actually fallen in love with him and there was no way we could part with him. "

Tony still has a few days left in his monthlong challenge.

Proud mother Paula says they'll see how much further Tony can go.