Five-month-old rescued kitten in US born with congenital facial abnormality facing difficulty getting adopted

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Kaya, who is born with a congenital facial abnormality, is looking for her forever home. ― Picture via Facebook/
Kaya, who is born with a congenital facial abnormality, is looking for her forever home. ― Picture via Facebook/

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 24 ― An animal welfare organisation in Montclair, California has stepped in to help rehome a rescued cat that has not received any enquiries due to a congenital facial abnormality.

The abnormality caused 'Kaya' to have a squishy, grumpy expression but that did not stop Odelkis Barrera, founder of the TO Rescue (The Ontario Rescue), to help the kitten.

When found in July, Kaya was dehydrated, malnourished and covered in fleas and ticks, The Dodo reported.

Under the care of Barrera and Kaya’s foster parents, the now five-and-a-half-months old kitten quickly gained weight and her lovely personality has started to shine through.

Barrera said Kaya's personality was beyond awesome.

“All she wants to do is be petted, all she wants is to be loved on and caressed.

“She can’t get enough — so if you’re not petting her, she’s petting herself against you.”

When not snuggling with her foster parents, Kaya can be found playing with her favourite toy in the world — a cardboard box.

Kaya recently had surgery to help her see better and relieve some discomfort in her eyes.

While her eyesight isn’t the best, she’s learned how to get around easily, and can always spot when there’s another dog, cat or human nearby, ready to be her playmate.

“We want a nice environment and a home that could dedicate the time to her that she needs.

“She would do well with other animals — she finds comfort looking around for other cats and dogs, and likes playing with them.

And she needs someone who’s in it for the long haul.”

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