Five lions contained after brief escape at Sydney zoo

STORY: Five lions escaped their enclosure at the Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia, early on Wednesday (November 2), sending zookeepers scrambling.

"They came running down the tent area, saying that it's a code one, get out of your tent, leave your belongings.”

Magnus Perri was a zoo visitor who was camping there overnight when it happened.

"We had to run to this... it was only about 50, 70 metres. They opened the door and everyone got in, they counted us and they locked the door and we were staying inside the building."

Taronga Zoo Director Simon Duffy said no one was injured in the incident, which involved one adult lion and four cubs.

"Four of the lions calmly made their way back into their main exhibit and dens, and one lion cub was safely tranquillized. All animals are now safe in their back-of-house exhibit and are being closely monitored. All zoo staff responded and acted swiftly, and procedures and processes were followed as they should have been. As a result, the situation was under control within minutes.”

According to its website, Taronga Zoo is home to seven lions, including five cubs and two adults.