Five injured on day seven of San Fermin bull run

STORY: The bulls of Victoriano del Rio relentlessly sprinted through Pamplona’s narrow street forcing runners to give their best to avoid being run over by the almost 600 kilo animals.

A man was thrown up in the air when one of the bulls charged behind him in a stretch.

Emergency services took five people to hospital with contusions.

The bulls crossed the more than 2,600 ft course in just two minutes and 14 seconds.

Returning this year, the San Fermin festival has once again attracted its usual crowd of international and domestic thrill-seekers and spectators who enjoy the frenetic, wine-fueled atmosphere.

“When I saw the bulls there were a lot bigger than what I thought they were going to be. I watched on Youtube and I watched on video and suddenly these enormous creatures come running past and those horns are sharp,” said Ralph Miller from Virginia, U.S..

At least 16 runners have lost their lives over the years, the last casualty being a man gored by a bull in 2009.

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